Snoring Now Grounds For A Divorce

    22nd Jun 2018 - 11:12 am

    Snoring is amoung the most popular grounds for divorce in Britain.

    These tips may help you stay together a little longer... 

    Cool Bedroom

    Always keep your bedroom at a cool temperature and turn off all your electronics at least an hour before bed. This should always be a rule whether your partner snores or not.  

    Change Your Pillows

    Pillows are never washed as often as your sheets but still harbour dustmites and can cause allergy sufferers to snore.

    Consider cleaning or changing them every 6 months to help ease your partners snoring.

    We would recommend using pillows by Dunlopillo as they are made from latex which is naturally breathable, anti-allergenic, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial.

    Change The Angle

    Get your Partner to sleep on a thicker pillow to raise their head up or try wedging the head of the bed up to help clear the nasal passages.

    Roll Them Over

    Sleep position is sometimes the cause of the snoring. If they are on their back snoring may have been caused by the tongue relaxing and rolling back partially blocking the airway. Try rolling them over and place a pillow behind them to make sure they stay on their side.

    Stay Healthy

    Being over weight can have an impact on snoring as well as drinking alcohol before bed so make sure they aren't eating too many biscuits and getting drunk before bedtime. 

    Always stay well hydrated and follow good sleep hygiene. 

    If none of this works I always find that a good elbow in the ribbs does the trick.