Five Top Sleeping Habits To Keep You Productive

    25th Jun 2018 - 11:05 am

    You may think that pulling all-nighters is an incredibly productive way to complete your work. However, it could be working against you.

    Lack of sleep is known to cause several problems which stop you being able to work productivly, for example it can affect your memory, lower your intelligence and lower your ability to concentrate.

    Productive people know the importance of having a more structured sleeping habit which means they are productive and successful. These sleeping habits are something we should all be following:

    No need for alarms

    If you have to rely on your alarm to wake you up in the morning, you are most likely not getting enough sleep. Everyone’s sleeping need is different so there is no set amount of hours to aim for. However, altering your bedtime could see you waking up without needing your alarm.


    Companies have started to recognise that naps are a beneficial part of keeping their employees productive. Companies such as HubSpot and Google have started to add Nap Rooms to their businesses. University of California has revealed that an hour sleep can help to restore brain power.

    No Caffeine and Alcohol before bed

    Alcohol can cause you to wake up in the middle of the night, causing REM to be suppressed. REM is an important as it helps to consolidate the ability to learn and improve memory. Caffeine before sleep can also harm your sleep. Studies have revealed that caffeine taken six hours of less before sleep causes disruptions.

    Bed same time every night

    Constantly altering your bedtime creates a feeling similar to jetlag, meaning your body’s circadian rhythm is affected. Going to bed at the same time every night helps to create a more regular circadian rhythm and helps you to wake up refreshed.

    Get proper sleep

    There is more needed than enough sleeping hours, you may be achieving ten hours sleep every night but your quality of sleep could be letting you down. Tossing and turning can disturb the quality of your sleep and can still leave you feeling groggy. This can be amended by changing your mattress, doing this can improve the quality of your sleep and leave you feeling rejuvenated.